• WIFI & Women-Owned Businesses
    For my first blog entry for the WIFI website, I decided to look at a few statistics about women-owned businesses in the U.S. What I found was encouraging, although clearly there is still much work to be done.
    As of 2013, government figures estimate there are roughly 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the country, generating more than $1.3 trillion in revenues and employing nearly 7.8 million people. Obviously, women-owned businesses have become serious competitors in today’s global markets.
  • WIFI is for you
    Welcome to the WIFI blog. I hope this will become a place for sharing information and inspiration.
    Making connections with women in the fastener industry is our stated purpose. You will hear many different voices and ideas as this blog evolves over time. 
    I believe in investing in a network of women who share a common goal. I also believe there is value in sharing stories, ideas and anything that motivates you, or makes you laugh.
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