WIFI Speaker Series

Join us on Thursday, April 15th at 2p.m. EST/11a.m. PST, for the WIFI speaker series featuring Donna Cornell! Learn about how the “Life-Balance Hoax” can be conquered by embracing Donna’s Counterbalance philosophy, which provides women with the tools to approach life in a more positive way.

Register ahead of time and be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Donna's Book, “Conquering the Life-Balance Hoax!”

Register here: http://ow.ly/Sl8u50EgVPI

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Donna Cornell has risen above adversity to become a highly successful entrepreneur, owner of several businesses, and a self-made multi-millionaire by age 33.


Knowing firsthand the hopes and desires that fuel every woman — the hunger for a good family life; loving relationships; material security; and most of all, a deep-down sense of self-worth — has guided Donna to her second career as a motivational speaker, mentor and author with a goal of helping other women create the life of their dreams.

Learn more about Donna here.