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WIFI Partners In Education

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Mentorship Program

Where do you want to be in the fastener industry? The WIFI Mentorship is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the skills you need to succeed. Join the 2023 cohort today to connect with a highly knowledgeable mentor who can support your professional growth and help you bolt ahead in your career.
The WIFI Mentorship is here to provide guidance, motivation and inspire women in the fastener industry for personal and professional growth.
1 on 1 monthly virtual mentoring meetings with a highly knowledgeable mentor.

 and fill out the application, then email it to

Are you interested in being a Mentor? 
Are you an experienced woman in the fastener industry who’s driven to succeed, has a positive attitude and leadership skills, and known as a great motivator?
The WIFI Mentorship is looking for mentors like you!  
Apply today to share your talents, skills, experience and expertise with the WIFI community.

Download and fill out the the application, then email it to

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