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Caia Baker

VP of Procurement

Fasteners Direct, Inc.

Caia Baker is the VP of Procurement for Fasteners Direct, Inc., a wholesale distributor of fasteners, located in Upstate, NY. Her fastener journey began in 2013 when Caia was hired as the purchasing assistant. Coming to FD from a Fortune 500 company, the fastener world wasn’t a stranger, yet, she found it intriguing. She quickly began to understand the importance of saving the company money and negotiating various terms and agreements with her vendors. Driven to build great business relationships, Caia developed the procurement department, implemented various systems, and successfully grew within the company.


Born and raised in Rochester, NY. Caia comes from a very close-knit family with cherished values. Those values were established by the elders, and have led Caia to her successors in life. In June 2020, Caia welcomed her first baby girl, Nai’a. Nai’a is defined as her greatest success. Caia is also a fur-mommy to a 9-year-old Chihuahua named Ace. Caia enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading, baking and coffee.

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