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Jill Lewis

Associated Fastening Products

Jill Lewis was named President of Associated Fastening Products and Integrated Packaging and Fastener Inc in 2019, Jill has worked at both companies for the last 19 years, when she started she began as the receptionist and continued to work her way up through the companies in many roles throughout the years. She continues to lead her team every day.

Jill is on the Midwest Fastener Association Board of Directors and has competed with her fastener friends in the annual Tough Mudder that she will continue to enjoy doing with them every year.
Jill resides in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and has 2 Pomeranians that have become office dogs for the businesses for the last 14 years, they enjoy coming in when they can they are semi-retired now. She also has 2 sons Tommy, Sammy and Vinny.

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