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Mary Schaefbauer Headshot3.jpg

Mary Schaefbauer

Marketing Coordinator & Copywriter

Würth Industry North America

Mary started her career in the fastener industry when she started at Würth in October of 2020.


She manages the Würth Industry North America social media pages and coordinates and writes for its internal communications. Additionally, she coordinates various marketing projects, most notably coordinating and producing Würth's new Engineering YouTube Series, Würth Knowing, the first show of its kind in the industry.

Mary is WIFI's social media manager, scheduling regular posts on its social media pages and creating the post images and captions. She also manages updates to the WIFI website.

With a background in small business and an educational background in Business Management, Mary's entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her forward-thinking social media strategy and willingness to venture into uncharted territories for the sake of growth and development.

She resides in the greater Minneapolis Metro Area and enjoys spending time outdoors and creating art in her free time.

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