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Meet Robin Lieberman - WIFI@Work

How did you start in The Fastener Industry?

Before becoming the President of MF Supply in 2009, my background was in Operations and Marketing. I ran call centers in the catalog and travel industries for years. But, I wanted to own my own business and be my own boss. So, I bought MF Supply through a business broker, although I knew nothing about the industry at all. Actually, I knew less than nothing :). Tom, the former owner stayed on for 3 years and taught me everything! Now, as the President of MF Supply, I live my tag line daily. Our motto is "MF Supply, the right screw for you", and it's true! My amazing staff runs the day to day, yet we are small and I touch all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, quoting, order entry, purchasing, deliveries, pickup, strategy and much more. What is one accomplishment in your present job are you most proud of?

Two come to mind. First, MF Supply survived the financial meltdown that occured right as I bought the business. Those were scary times! Although I took no salary for almost a year, and took on a lot of debt, my team and I survived, and were able to turn the business around. In 2018 we are on course to triple our 2009 revenue. Second, we converted the business operating and inventory management system from a paper based, dusty old cardex system (think Dewey decimal index cards with fastener history hand written on them), into a systematized digital ERP based organization. We converted almost 10,000 skus from paper to PC. At the beginning we were creating part numbers in real time. But, boy, did it pay off in the long run! What is one favorite thing about your job?

Every single day I am challenged, usually several times. I am always sourcing new products and suppliers, learning a new technical data point, or learning about a new company. Just today I sent 10 RFQs to 7 new factories for a customized Mil-Spec part I have never sourced or sold. Fingers crossed we get the order. It's so fun! What is one thing we might not know about you that you would like the Fastener Industry to know?

Hmm, I have lots of secrets, but one thing that people seem surprised to find out is that I was class clown in high school. Just don't ask me what year I graduated!

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