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I Am Taryn And This Is My Journey in the Fastener Industry

My first significant job experience in the fastener industry was alphabetizing and organizing files when my Family’s business, Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co., moved from New York over the border to New Jersey.

I was 11 years old at the time, and I remember being so happy I could meaningfully contribute to the company. Who knew that this was only the beginning.

I was never “groomed” to be part of the business. I went to college planning to go into medicine, and it wasn’t until I fainted while interning at a local hospital that I thought perhaps it wasn’t the right career choice for me. I studied biology and economics and ultimately took a job in Finance in New York City to start my career.

I loved my time in investment banking; it opened my eyes to the wide world of business and gave me huge insight into how companies function. Turns out… I loved business! At some point though I realized I wanted to work on the other side of the transaction. I felt the best choice for me was to come home and help my family’s company continue to grow and prosper.

Joining my cousin as a fourth generation owner, and Vice President of Finance for our 105 year old company has been an incredible journey so far. And it turns out, I don’t just love business. I love this industry, and rivets in particular:


Rivets are permanent mechanical fasteners. Because they are installed permanently, quality is a MUST – both for the rivets themselves and the tools used to set them. They need to work both dimensionally and functionally. Rivets are also high-speed and efficient fasteners, so in today’s world of lean projects and other cost-savings initiatives, they are a great choice.


Fasteners are as important in manufacturing today, as they were 105 years ago when my great grandfather started Industrial Rivet. While fasteners are often overlooked as “C-Class” components, everyone in this industry brings their dedication and passion to making sure things can be put together in the best way. Moreover, while it’s a mature industry, there is still tons of room for growth in product technology and corporate processes as we enter the next industrial revolution.


Taryn Goodman was named Vice President of Finance at Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. in 2014. In this role, she is responsible for the financial operations of the company and is also involved in strategic, marketing and human resources aspects of running the day-to-day business.

Prior to joining the company as Assistant Treasurer in 2012, Ms. Goodman worked at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital where she specialized in interest rate and currency risk management for investment banking clients.

Ms. Goodman is the Treasurer for WIFI, a non-profit organization that promotes development for Women in the Fastener Industry, and also an active member of Vistage International, a peer-to-peer advisory group for owners and executives of local small- to mid-sized businesses. She holds a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in both Biology and Economics from Williams College.

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