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Elizabeth Morack

Business Development Director


 Elizabeth Morack is a Business Development Director who partners with customers to address their complex supply chain needs.  After spending 19 years in various Global Program and Sales positions, Elizabeth understands what truly drives business opportunities.  It’s how well you can align customer’s goals and specific challenges with your solutions and products today, ensuring they can be adaptive and flexible to address unknown changes in the future. 


Elizabeth currently resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin with her 7 year old daughter and husband.  She is still adjusting to the Midwest after relocating from Phoenix, AZ in 2012.  She is staying involved in her relatively new community by volunteering in a local food bank and various charity fundraising events that support her daughter’s school.  Elizabeth was drawn to WIFI for networking opportunities and is excited that she will be working with current and prospective members during her tenure on the board!

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