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Meet Jessica Smith - WIFI@Work

Jessica Smith, Wrentham Tool Group

Background: Over 25 years in the Customer Service industry. Most of my career has been on the manufacturing and distribution side of service.

How I started: I started with Wrentham Tool Group as a temporary employee back in February of 2014 in the customer service department. To be honest my exposure to fasteners pretty much extended to “what type of screwdriver do I need?” I hadn’t a clue what any of it actually meant but I knew exceptional customer service like no other so I stuck it out. After a few months, I got hired on as a full-time employee and the sky seemed to open up to me with new opportunities within the organization. I started taking on the marketing for the company and organizing the trade shows. I’ve done everything from designing booths and flyers, magazine ads and much more. When Wrentham welcomed our new president, Tim Cash, I took on an additional role, Inside Sales while still maintaining my customer service and marketing duties. Within the next couple of months, I will be transitioning my role to Outside Sales and Marketing Admin where I’ll get to meet with our customers on an individual basis and be able to provide that face time and personal service which will play an integral part in WTG’s longevity and relevance in the industry. What I’m most proud of accomplishing in my present position is being able to play a strategic role in marketing Wrentham Tool’s name even further out there across the globe. I get excited when I receive an email or phone call from a new prospective customer, especially the ones from overseas. I get to introduce people, on a global scale, to our diverse product line and capabilities. One favorite thing about my job, is the relationships that I’ve been able to cultivate with both our customers and my co-workers. I love getting to know each and every one of them. In closing, a little personal note about myself, I love to travel. I’ve studied several different languages and traveled from South America to Russia. If you happen to catch me at the right moment you may even hear me singing in German. ;)

UPDATE: As of August, Jessica is now the Sales Manager for Wrentham.

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