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2017 Women In The Fastener Industry Scholarship Winners

You're all winners in our book, but the board had to carefully evaluate and select just one winner for each of our two scholarships.

We are pleased to announce that Jamie Corteville of Fasteners Direct has been awarded the Edith Cameron Scholarship to attend the International Fastener Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada for 2017.

Jamie grew up helping her parents run the Ontario-Midland railroad. She learned many office skills and hands-on experience during that time, even before her professional career began.

From there, Jamie worked for a local metal manufacturing plant, working her way up the ranks. All the while she was attending night school and graduated with an Associate's degree in Accounting.

Jamie then found Fastener's Direct, a family-owned and operated fastener wholesaler. It didn't take long for Fastener's Direct to realize Jamie's potential.

Now, just a short two and half years later, she is the Finance Executive Assistant, at a time when Fastener's Direct is experiencing massive growth.